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Corporate Nutrition services

Almost all companies and businesses offer employees the opportunity to learn about wellness. 

However, a lot of what is offered is much of the same disempowering messages that perpetuate in the media. 

What Das Nutrition offers is different. As a former lecturer, I deliver relevant, timely and most importantly, actionable and empowering messages that leave employees feeling inspired. 

Time is money.

Rather than continuing the cycle of disempowering public health messages, why not choose to invest in something that yields long-term change and improves employee performance AND health.

Businesses, workplaces and events that have benefitted from my services...

Why Choose Das Nutrition for your Corporate Wellness Program?

Employee performance is everything and figuring out ways to improve creativity and productivity is crucial. Das Nutrition offers tailored programs to what you feel would benefit your staff and employees the most.

The aim of my corporate nutrition programs is to do the following:

-Improve productivity
-Boost cognitive and creative performance
-Reduce time lost through poor concentration and sickness
-Help manage and improve quality of life in certain medical conditions
-Ultimately, boost staff moral and commitment, leading to reduced costs to your company

What platforms and services are available?

Platforms and services can be tailored for the needs of your staff and employees, but here are a few examples of how I communicate what matters in nutrition:

-Lectures (usually in the 25+ attendees range)
-Seminars and workshops (depending on the type of seminar/workshop, 10-30 attendees)
-In-House 'Nutrition Diagnostic' days (a nutrition 'check-up' day in your offices)
-Consultancy for canteens, healthy snacking supplies and company menus
-1-2-1 nutrition support services for key employees needing to perform at their peak
-Posters and handouts

To get a better picture of what I can offer your company or business, why not get in touch?

I am happy to supply you with a Corporate Nutrition Brochure and discuss any particular requirements that you might have and areas you want covered.

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