Success stories

Success Stories

'My life quite literally changed almost instantly when I started working with Rab...'

'In terms of my body composition, I am now in a place where I see results week on week.....I have achieved results I had only ever dreamed of in the past, and in all honesty never thought I would reach. My goals now are bolder than ever....'

'Rab's coaching has brought me to a place where I am proud of my physique and I am reaching a place where I am becoming entirely body confident..'

Aileen //  

'Having someone to be accountable to and ask questions helped me get in to the best shape I have ever been..'

'I gained confidence, strength, fitness and great insight in to a nutrition..'


'I reached my goals in a healthy maintainable way, my social life and work life didn't suffer at all, I slept better and I felt amazing the whole way through.'

Niamh //  Physique Competitor

'I’m in the shape of my life, made significant strength gains and have one more person in my corner to
support me in pursuing my sporting goals.'

'Effective nutrition is science, physiology, biochemistry. Rab understands this and takes a strong, evidence-based approach that gives me great confidence in what we are doing.

With so much misinformation available, it’s hugely reassuring to know what's fact and what’s fiction!'

Rory  //  Irish Freestyle Kayaker

'Working with you has given me new determination and capacity to finally hit my goals'

 'The support and tools that you provided, It certainly broke the back of the plateau that I had hit...

Ben  //